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A Honrado Poem Collection



Every morning when I wake up

It is you who I always sight

Every night when I close my eyes

It is you who I always dream of


Having you on my view

Is the happiness I always knew

Sharing laughter’s with you

Is what I wanna do


There were so many nights I cry

Wishing myself to die

Knowing you already love someone

Hurts me a lot deep down


To you I dedicate my life

For your the one I love

But in you, there’s someone else deep down

And I have to face this one


Even though I love you so

It’s time to let you go

I know we’re not meant to be


 Saying goodbye to you

Is really hard to do

But I know it will be good for you

So now I’m leaving you


I just hope you’re happy

Co’z this is what  I wish to be

Everytime I see you smillin’

It is my heart that keeps shinnin’


‘I love You’ are the words I can leave

Coming deep down which I’ve hid

So before I go and leave you

Please bear in mind that ‘It is YOU



New Love


A teary dark morning

I walked without smiling

Because of the crazy happening

I think I have to stop from loving


I wanted to be alone

And needed not anyone

In facing my riskiest one

Such a crazy,  bad things I’ve done


Nobody seemed to make me smile

Until I meet you along the mile

With blooming face and gorgeous smile

You brighten up my gloomy sight


Knowing that no one can change my bad mood

Just because of you it turn to good

Oh, How lovely is your angelic face

In my mind your look can’t be erased.


My worries with my fainted love

Stayed no longer here in my heart

In searching for a real new love

I think it’s you to play the part


From the first time I saw your face

I long enough for your smiles all days

I always want to be with you

Hoping I cared be your friends too


But I can’t help from falling

now my new love is growing

But I’m afraid from continue loving

Cause you too make my make my tired eyes crying


Hey I am not anymore blue

Coz I found new love and that’s you

But I don’t know if I’ll continue

This love of mine that I found new.


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